Machine grade DVD case

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Machine Grade DVD Case, Machine packing DVD Case 

DVD Case has two grade: one is for hand pack, another is for automatic machine pack ( Machine Grade DVD case)

14mm Machine grade dvd case has single/double cases and superclear/black cases.

Machine Grade DVD case is also called machine packing DVD case or machine packing (machine pack) DVD case or automatic Packing DVD Case. this type of 14mm automatic packing DVD case can run through automatic packing machine branded like Heino Ilsemann, Gima, Kyoto, etc.

machine grade dvd case superclear machine grade dvd case single black machine grade dvd case double black

Specification and Packing details:

  • DVD Case Size: 191x135x14mm
  • DVD Case Grade: Automatic machine packing
  • Material: PP 
  • DVD Case Weight: 62-65gram for super clear case
  • DVD Logo: with or without
  • Surface Finish: glossy
  • Sleeve Finish: glossy
  • Packing: 100pcs/carton
  • Carton size: 55x37x20CM=0.0407CBM
  • Container Qty: 156000pcs/40'
  • MOQ: 1x40' container
  • Production Capacity: 15 days one 40'
  • Lead time: 15 days

DVD Cases China Manufacturer - 

Machine Grade DVD Case Professional China Manufacturer, We have been supplying our machine grade for many years, with customers in Europe. A lot of small factories in China who declared their DVD case is machine grade DVD case, but most of their cases are not really can run on automatic packing machine. If you need machine grade case, we suggest you get some samples from us, samples are free of charge, you just need to pay the freight at the beginning, if you place order for the machine grade DVD case, we promise to refund the freight cost for the samples. So you can get machine grade DVD case totally free.


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